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With all the progress and improvements in the medical system over the last 200 years, there are still many unanswered questions that have not been answered by medical science.  For example, migraine had no cure 200 years ago and it still does not have any cure today.  Curing allergies still haven’t progressed much.  Other diseases like myasthenia gravis, Pemphigus, Lupus, etc., are in the same category.  Blood cancer has had a minimal success rate of cure with some risk of remission with the current medical technology.  There are many common diseases such as tissue-related, bone-related, and also cancers such as Sarcoma, that are without cures.  Also, the type of disease which are commonly occurring in various parts of body upon some physical or chemical changes in the environment have no cure or medication with the current medical technology.  The current 21st Century human being no longer has the desire and patience to tolerate these types of diseases.  Of course, there has been significant progress in certain areas such as, microbe-related infectious diseases, which can be cured by antibiotics.  But virus-related diseases are still incurable.  Some of the venereal diseases such as Gonorrhea can be cured but Herpes and AIDS have no cure since they are based on viruses.  Hepatitis B and C are also in the same incurable category. 

In Divine Spiritual Energy Healing, there are methods of cure for these diseases.  We must integrate the medicine of Spiritual Healing and conventional medicine, as complementary systems for the benefit of the humankind.  The integration of these two medicines will allow the conventional medicine to understand and learn the cause of these types of diseases in the body and develop the proper medication for them.  For example, why increasing percentage of women get breast cancer, or why a very low percentage of men could get breast cancer?  Spiritual Healing can find the actual cause of a disease in human body and also is able to explain a cure and solution for the disease.  People are experiencing too many side effects from current medications.  Majority of these pharmaceutical drugs sooner or later will have an effect on sensitive organs in the body such as, heart, brain, kidney, and liver.  The herbal drugs on the other hand are much better with regard to their side effects.  If they don’t show any major benefit on a particular ailment, at least they are not as damaging to the body as some of the pharmaceutical drugs are.  One might ask “how can we assure ourselves that Divine Spiritual Energy Healing will benefit the medical science?”  Or, “how we can find out the main cause of an ailment?”  To respond to these questions, consider breast cancer.  If we show tens of recorded documents that Divine Spiritual Energy Healing has been able to cure breast cancer, then at least this achievement is worthwhile to be considered for further research and evaluation.  We have documented cases to show that we have cured Sarcoma cancer, regardless of its type, Osteoporosis or Alveolar soft part.  Our rate of progress is a clear indication that medical and scientific research institutions should consider further analysis and evaluation of Divine Spiritual Energy Healing.  Specially, the fact that we are not using any drugs in Divine Spiritual Energy Healing, which if we did could possibly cause side effects and other future complications. 

We conducted a research with 60 EEG tests.  The experiment was done with me in a remote location and the subject had no knowledge of the time of the energy emission.  Also, I have never had a personal contact with the individual in the EEG test.  Yet, we can show a minimum of 80% success rate in effecting the test subject.  When I was able to change the brain wave frequencies of a test subject, upon an individual’s specific request to change the alpha, and beta wave lengths, then this is a clear indication that Divine Spiritual Energy Healing is able to play an important role in treating humankind from various ailments.  We have also been able to prove the same concept on remote EKG experiments.  Two major organs of the body, brain and heart, have shown unquestionable changes upon emission of Divine Spiritual Energy.  Some believe that brain is more important than heart and some think otherwise.  In this case the issue becomes irrelevant since we can influence both of them simultaneously.  These two organs are the controllers of the other individual organs within the body.  When one can manipulate functions of these two organs, then all organs of the body can be influenced.  Spiritual Energy Healing can have a major contribution for the benefit of the humankind as well as medical science.

When we talk about medical records our intention is to distinguish a self-claimed healer from a real able healer.  If somebody claims that I can heal such an ailment they should be able to back it up with proper medical records on a cooperative basis with a doctor.  If a doctor refers a cancer patient to the healer with all the specific diagnosis of that particular cancer, the healer should be able to heal the person while the doctor monitors the progress of the patient with proper follow up procedure that showed the initial ailment.  In the meanwhile the patient should stop other procedures except for continuing the healing process with the healer.  If the follow up test procedure indicated that the patient is progressing and the cancer is being eliminated then the patient must continue on with the healer.  If the healer can repeatedly present documented proof then it is obvious that the healer is a qualified healer.  No medical community will be able to deny all the medical records that are being presented to them by the healer, since they use the same procedure to diagnose and prognosis a patient's ailment to begin with.  In this case if the healer is able to continue their healing cooperating with a research center to heal so many patients with identical ailment, then these documents will be advantageous to the healer as well as medical and scientific community to further improve technology.  Now that the healer can prove that they can heal a particular ailment, then they can further treat other ailments as well.  For example if a doctor refers a patient to a healer and their ailment is Cirrhosis of liver, doctor knows as far as current medical technology is concerned that ailment is incurable.  Now if the healer can heal that ailment and the doctor's prognosis prove that the liver has been healed then that is a true healer.


According to Webster’s dictionary, miracle is defined as “an extraordinary occurrence that surpasses all known human powers or natural forces and is ascribed to a divine or supernatural cause, especially to God.”  When others are not able to perform a task and a limited number of individuals are able to perform that task, this could perceivably be considered as a miracle when in reality it could exist in rare occasions.  When the current human knowledge and science is not able to logically or objectively explain a phenomenon, or allow several individuals to be able to repeat a process and reproduce the same result, two conditions will arise.  The first condition is to deny that it could potentially exist; the second condition is to consider it a miracle and outside of human reach.  Many people with incurable diseases, chronic ailments, or terminal diseases who have referred to medical and scientific institutions have heard the same answer: “There is nothing that can be done.”  If an individual with a more profound knowledge of Divine Healing Energy and the Divine Computer is able to increase the quality of life and life expectancy of the patients who could not be helped by the current medical knowledge, the individual is considered to have performed miracles.  According to Ostad, divine Healing and energy Healing has a strong scientific theory based on Einstein’s formula E=MC2 (energy equals mass times speed of light to the power of two).  For instance, when a liver is losing its proper function and Ostad use of Divine Energy Healing is able to rejuvenate that liver, it is because Ostad has access to the scientific method and process to be able to reverse the condition of liver failure.

The Physical Basis of Life

In human body there exist a unique cosmic signature, one may call consciousness, soul, or any other name.  It exists and one cannot deny its existence.  So, when mass and this fundamental element are combined within a particular space and time, a biological element is produced.  When this biological element is placed in a mother's womb, life then starts.  On one hand we know that God is the light of universe, heaven, and earth.  This light has its own unique consciousness, which its integration with mass on earth produces vegetation and in animals it produces other biological forms.  When we speak about sperm, the sperm itself has mass and consciousness or light, same as oval, which contains both properties.  The oval and sperm can produce a newborn at the right time and place, because they both contain the mass and light.  All the molecules in the universe maintain a unique interrelated consciousness and they are connected to the Divine Computer, which is the recording center of all the events that occur throughout the universe at any given point of time.  In the next few centuries humankind will be able to discover a new device that can become the receiver of this information.  On the other hand every molecule in the universe has its own energy, which allows the molecule to utilize this energy for curing many ailments.  The various ailments of the human, such as cancer are developed from a series of cells and molecules.  These cells and molecules have become wild in the body.  Once we have the knowledge of where these cells come from and how they have changed form, and also when we understand their language or we are able to communicate with them, we then can tame the cancerous cells at the cellular level and transform them into their original state.  Everything is constructed from light and mass or one may call it soul and mass.  The same is true about the cancerous cells.  So, the only time that this mass and light are in the proper harmony and balance, then they become synchronized and work together toward a mutual and common goal.  The instant that a process triggers the separation of light and mass then this notion of the cell has become wild will occur.  Now, if a cell in the body has lost its proper synchronized, harmonious integration of the mass and light, then the cell starts creating disturbances.  The cell has lost its light, so it tries to find a replacement for its lost light.  As a result, it might attach itself to a red cell, or another cell to make up for the loss.  This process continues at the cellular level until a tumor is formed or a cancerous cell starts spreading throughout the body.  Any virus, bacteria, microbe and other biological forms within the universe also follow the same basic law, since all these various elements are also under the influence of the universe and the divine.  When we say that various microbes also have their own unique consciousness, is like when the Typhoid fever bacterium only reside in the intestine or the Tuberculosis microbe only goes into the lung.  Why do these microbes only penetrate a particular organ and not attack another one?  This is due to their intelligence or consciousness.  Only a particular area within the body has the proper condition for different types of microbes to survive and replicate.  There are times that we might have Tuberculosis in the intestine, but the chance of its occurrence is extremely low.  Every virus, microbe, or bacteria select a particular area for growth based on their own consciousness.  These types of ecological adaptation is not predicted or assigned by the divine, rather it is selected by the various life forms based on their evolutionary adaptation process.  The way that various life forms are adopting a place of growth and reproduction is based on their own level of consciousness.  For instance, the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), selects a particular location in the body due to its own consciousness.  This selection is based on the best place for its growth and reproduction.  In this case the AIDS virus selects the human sexual organs since that is the best place for its growth.  Other microbes such as gonorrhea, syphilis, and other sexually transmitted diseases are placed in a particular place in the human body as a reminder.  Their purpose is to regulate humans in their sexual activity.  Other bacterium such as, Mycobacterium Leprae, which causes Hansen’s disease (leprosy), is due to not following the basic sanitary conditions and cleansing process in certain regions of the world.  The body will be prepared for receiving this bacterium.  In the beginning of the creation certain processes and events are predicted and mapped accordingly.  This is also true for various life forms.  As mankind reaches these different stages of life or predicted stages of their lives, then certain challenges are imposed upon the humankind to ensure that man doesn’t deviate drastically from their predefined path.  The path is set as a basic guideline but not necessarily every step of the way is shown.  Of course for every action there is a reaction.  If the humankind chooses upon their will to deviate or disobey the guideline, then there is a price to pay.  As time goes by, the number of the viruses, bacteria, and microbes will increase and the challenge of overcoming them will become more complex.  All the viruses, microbes, and bacteria that have been created by the divine are for a unique reason and purpose.  When proper time and place is reached, they will become active and perform their purpose in creation.

 The Divine Computer 

From the point of conception waves are propagated across the universe, which identify each individual.  A new embryo has waves that propagate across the universe.  It also has soul, since it is growing and it has movement.  Embryo has the knowledge of knowing in which direction, it must move and evolve.  It has soul because of this knowledge of knowing the evolution process and moving toward its final complete form.  The point of conception is also the starting point for the soul.  The evolutionary and growth process of the embryo waves propagates and stores in the Divine Computer.  In this computer they are all being stored in the name of that embryo that is being formed.  As time goes by from birth of the fetus and after that until death, all the behavior, thoughts, health conditions, deeds, intentions, ideas, speeches, knowledge, interaction of the individual with the environment, etc., and all other actions of this embryo are converted to waves and they are being stored in the Divine Computer.  Every embryo has its own unique signature and wave that are united and joined together in the Divine Computer.  In this process of storing and adjoining the previous stored waves for a particular embryo there is no mix-up of data or error.  Somebody else who has the proper knowledge of how to retrieve this data can access the Divine Computer and retrieve the information.  A person can use the regular computer to retrieve different types of information about different people, as it is available in the computer storage.  However, if the stored data about the individual is inaccurate and false, they are still being retrieved accordingly.  The regular computer doesn’t have the proper knowledge of making distinction between falsified data and store them accurately.  Such a problem doesn’t occur in the Divine Computer.  Since the knowledge of distinguishing between falsified and accurate data exists, the data are only being stored properly.  One can’t try to falsify the data in the Divine Computer and all the information is stored properly in the name of the individual and under the individual unique repository.  The information and knowledge is all in the Divine Computer.

When an individual gains the ability and knowledge of becoming a strong receiver they can retrieve the data.  When a person wants to retrieve information from the computer they must know how to do it.  They must have gone to school and learned about the computer use.  The same rule applies for retrieving information from the Divine Computer.  Some people can learn about computer easier than others.  The same concept applies about gaining access to the Divine Computer.  A person, who doesn’t have any knowledge about computers and has a difficult time interacting with it, would find retrieving data and information from a computer very difficult and sometimes impossible.  Some times the person might be able to access the data by accident, but that is not common and it rarely happens.  However, if a computer expert interacts with a computer, he has a higher chance of gaining access to the information.  This basic concept of accessing the data from the Divine Computer also follows the same rule of gaining proper knowledge and receiving the proper expertise of retrieving information.  When an individual has gained knowledge and has received the proper training or permission of accessing the records and data from the Divine Computer, wants to know about the type of disease of a particular person--he can.  Since the type of the disease of the person in question has been recorded in the Divine Computer one can access it in several different ways.  One way is to concentrate on the Divine Computer.  Another way is to use an “antenna” to retrieve the data.  This is the basic method of being able to read somebody’s thoughts.  For example, if I am sitting here feeling hungry and thinking of going to a restaurant and having a particular food, my thoughts are immediately transmitted as waves and they are stored in the Divine Computer.  So, an able person can access my thoughts from the Divine Computer by asking: “Is Ostad hungry right now?”  The answer from Divine Computer would be: “Yes, he is”.  Then asking: “Does Ostad want to go to a restaurant?”  The answer from the Divine Computer would be: “Yes, he does.”  If the able person asks: “Does Ostad want to eat at home?”  The answer from Divine Computer would be “No, he doesn’t.”  So on and so forth.

A Grandmaster Healer has gained the ability to grant permission to other individuals to gain access to this Divine Computer.  A Grandmaster Healer has the ability to permit an individual to emit energy to one of the relatives or friends of a patient who has some health problems.  When the Grandmaster Healer thinks of granting this permission to an individual, his thought is propagated and recorded in the Divine Computer.  The Divine Computer registers the thought and this becomes like an access code or permission for that individual.  When the individual attempts to work on friends or relatives, this code, permit, or access is activated and the Divine Computer and Divine Energy become accessible to that person for emitting it to friends or relatives.  This has occurred many times.  The best example that comes to mind is when I granted permission to a mother to work on her 5-year old daughter who had Sarcoma cancer.  This little girl has been cured and she is now 7 or 8 years of age.  There are many more instances that I have granted permission to people to work only on one individual or work on anybody.  All my students have been granted this permission and they are very able healers now.

In rare occasions there are some people who have developed telepathic ability.  These people receive the thoughts of other persons directly from their brains, not through the Divine Computer.  They have practiced and tried for a long time to develop this ability.  Two friends have sat in front of each other and focused their minds on one another.  Then, they have increased the distance and have tried to perform telepathy from long distance.  When one focuses on a thought, this thought is propagated like a wave in the environment.  A person who has tried to become a receiver of this thought can receive it better.  However, a person with telepathic ability can’t guess the cause of the disease of an individual since this doesn’t exist in the individual’s brain as a thought. 

A television receives the waves via an antenna. It converts the waves to images and displays them on the screen.  Our eyes receive the images from television like a wave and convert them to images and we see them.  The body has the same ability of receiving the waves, converting them and seeing or hearing them.  When one has increased the ability of his “Third Eye,” which is in the center of the forehead, he become a stronger receiver of the information and he is able to receive information better.  The more able this Chakra becomes, the person’s ability to receive information becomes stronger.  We observe this phenomenon among the electronic equipment.  Television, radio, or other types of broadcast stations, when they have higher and better quality equipment, they are able to receive weaker signals, process them, and send them, or analyze them.  The better quality and bigger size antenna the receiving station has, it can cover a higher bandwidth of receiving weaker signals.  This phenomenon also exists in human body.  The stronger the human chakras, the people have a higher potential of receiving and sending the waves.  So, the person can receive the waves better and propagate these waves better to the environment and the universe.  Continuous attention to God, the power of prayer, and repeating a pray increase one’s ability of strengthening the Chakra system and to become a stronger receiver and transmitter. 

There is nothing in the Divine Computer that dissipates or diminishes with time. Whatever event has occurred and happened in the universe is recorded and stored in the Divine Computer, forever.  Sounds, events, images, people’s actions, deeds, and everything else that one can imagine are stored.  Since everything is available in the Devine Computer’s database, an able person can receive the information.  When a person utilizes his telepathic ability of receiving information, this is more limited than the information that is received from the Divine Computer.  Sometimes waves naturally convert into an image that appears in front of a person.  A good example for this phenomenon is when we are sleep.  We usually see images while we are asleep.  These images are the waves in the Divine Computer that are being propagated from a particular time about a particular object, like trees, scenery, people, buildings, events, etc.  These waves are being propagated and are being converted in one’s mind into images that can be seen.  Every individual is more susceptible of receiving different types of information and waves, which makes unlimited variation of receiving the information.

 Connectedness with the Divine

There is a unity throughout the universe.  Cosmic or Divine Spiritual Energy is present throughout the universe and every cell in our body has a connectedness with that Divine Spiritual Energy and intelligence.  There is a strong connectedness through this energetic pattern within the human body.

Every molecule in the universe has its own consciousness.  For example, in human body when a bacteria or a microbe attacks the body, the white cells immediately attack the microbe and try to destroy it.  Same as red cells and platelets.  They each perform a certain duty in the body.  They know what their function in the body is.  This intelligence comes from every one of those cells.  This is not the case with cancer, since the cellular structure of the cells will change.  So, the cell changes its original state and loses its consciousness.  Unless they have been returned to the original state, they can’t perform their assigned task.  Just like a mad person who goes out of control.  For example, all the human good and bad deeds and even their inner feelings are like waves that get registered in the Divine Computer.  Consider a mother and a son who are continents apart.  When an incident occurs for either of these people, the other one may sense it.  When all of our actions change into waves, these waves are sent out throughout the entire universe and every molecule in the universe becomes immediately aware of the events’ occurrence.  These waves also reach the mother of the child and all of a sudden she feels some anxiety and disappointment while she doesn’t know why she feels this way.  Sometimes the mother gets the news in her dream state or while she is awake.  The reason the mother receives the waves is because in life they have bound together and have a stronger connection to each other.   Sometimes if the close relatives are not able to be a good receiver for each other’s waves then, the waves can be received by somebody close to the family who can act as a messenger of the news.  A patient calls from overseas.  When I transmit energy to the patient, it is obvious that it has its own consciousness.  I don’t know the exact location that the patient is calling from but energy always finds the person without any error and missing the target.  All our actions are changed into waves, which gets registered in the Universal Computer.  From the point of conception until death all our actions are recorded and registered.  This creates every human individual’s unique energy signature with the universe the same way that no two people have the same fingerprints.  This unique information signature can be accessed.  For example, if we want to know what type of diseases Alexander the Great had, we can tune our receiver to the Universal Computer and receive the information.  When I tried this, I got the message that he died from a microbe.  The entire universe is in a continuous evolutionary process.  A series of events must occur to set the future of human beings.  For example, if one wants to have a better life, one must go to school and study harder to reach his goal.  The individual records are registered and a plan starts merging which can be used to see a situation in the future.

  Applications of Spiritual Energy Healing

There is no limit and boundary in healing different types of the diseases with Spiritual Energy Healing.  We have proof of cure for Migraine, Cancer, Myasthenia Gravis, Lupus, Arthritis, heart problems, etc.  All these diseases are curable by a Grandmaster Healer.  In the current state of medicine there are so many specialties and doctors who might become specialized in a particular area of eye, ear, or other types of organs.  In Spiritual Healing such an issue doesn’t exist and the healer can cure the types of diseases that current medical science and doctors are not able to cure.  But a healer doesn’t need to cure the types of infectious diseases that are curable with anti-biotics.  Any disease and human ailment can be worked on and a Grandmaster Healer can heal the ailments.  The rate of the success will be based on the diagnosis and prognosis of the medical community about the ailment of patients.  It is generally better if the patient’s personal physician monitors the patient while the healer is working on the illness.  The documents that show a wide rage of ailments that were cured are available for medical communities to examine.  Physicians and researchers may contact the center and ask for the documented cases.  The documented cases and the patients’ cure of their ailments are not coincidental or psychosomatic.  They are based on knowledge and science of Spiritual Energy Healing.  These cases are not cured by themselves or overcame accidentally.

 Electromagnetic Evidence of Spiritual Energy Medicine

There are many differences between Spiritual Energy Healing and the Chinese method of emitting Chi (Qi) or body electromagnetic energy.  In the method where the healer uses his own cultivated electromagnetic energy or Chi, the patient needs to receive this energy for a few months to receive a good result from the healing sessions.  The patients are generally not treated remotely and the healer works with the patients locally.  In the Spiritual Energy Healing the Master Healer is able to diagnose the patients’ ailment by knowing the patients’ full name, seeing their pictures, or hearing their voices over the phone.  In the Chinese method of energy healing this method of diagnosis is not common.  In the Spiritual Energy Healing the type of the disease whether mental or physical is curable up to a certain percentage.  There is no healing process, which can always cure an ailment hundred percent of the times.  There are always exceptions.  For instance, when I treat cancer patients, only a certain percentage are cured.  This percentage is also based on how advance of a stage the cancer has reached.  If the cancer has metastasized and has spread through the entire body, the percentage of the cure is much lower than when only one organ is effected and cancer is in the beginning stages.  When the cancer has spread through all the organs, it is still possible to cure it, however each healing session takes a long time to work effectively. 

Quite often some of the individuals who have come to me with Migraine headaches for over 20 years, have had tried acupuncture for five to six months and have felt a relief for a few weeks till the pain has returned again.  In Spiritual Energy Healing, generally the patient starts feeling better and recovering from the ailment at a very fast rate.  There are many types of energy in the divine.  One of these types of energy is the body’s electromagnetic energy that an individual can cultivate the body energy and strengthen their energy.  This energy cannot be emitted too far; its healing ability is limited; and it doesn’t last for a long time.  The Divine Energy is such energy that it is always with the healer; day and night; its level doesn’t vary; and it is always with the healer.  This Divine Energy doesn’t dissipate under any circumstances; it could increase in magnitude as time goes by based on the healer’s devotion to God and his healing work.  This energy can be emitted across any distance without losing its effect and potency or original quality.  Generally, when body electromagnetic energy is emitted, it has a dissipation rate based on the distance of travel.  However, this phenomena doesn’t apply to the Divine Energy and this energy doesn’t have any loss of energy rate as it reaches further distances.  The Divine Energy has no limit and no boundary.  Also, obstacles cannot prevent it from penetrating through any barriers.

To diagnose the cause of an ailment is a very important factor in the treatment process of the individual.  Ostad says that 99% Ninety Nine per cent of time when I told the patients the cause and time of the initial occurrence of the disease they confirmed his statement about the event.  Others who couldn’t confirm Ostad's my explanation about the cause and the time of their initial occurrence of their ailment couldn’t remember the detail sufficiently.  The most significant issue is to find the source, origin, and cause of a disease.  If one can say why heart, kidney, or lung of an individual started to fail, then that person is able of curing the patient.  Every thing has a reason, the reason of the organ failure has either initiated due to the internal factors in the body or the external factors that the body is in contact with.  The reason cannot be any thing else.  So, from Ostad experiences, he has been able to find out the reason why heart starts enlarging, or the reason for some of the cancers and the reason that they occur in the body.  Some of the external causes of getting some of the ailments are due to utilizing various toxins in the household and environment.  One of these toxins is over utilizing and using the Chlorine based products around the household that could potentially influence the cause of certain diseases in the body.  Chlorine has the tendency to enter the body through the respiratory system and cause some incurable and dangerous ailments in the body over a long period of time.

When we speak of energy healing, as one of the best means of healing patients is due to having no side effects.  Since Spiritual Energy Healers do not use any medication or drugs, in case their efforts are not successful in healing the disease, it won’t have any harm.  One doesn’t have to pay for the expensive drugs and medications.  The results of Spiritual Energy Healing, with the exception of surgery, are better, faster, and more accurate.  If the healers follow the proper path in their practice, they can also heal remotely.  As a result, the patient doesn’t even need to go to a medical center, travel extensively, or leave his home for treatment.  We have mentioned previously that all life forms in the universe have a unique intelligence and consciousness.  As a result all the human cells have a unique consciousness.  For instance, when a bacterium enters human body, immediately the white blood cells attack the area.  They surround the bacteria and start fighting it.  We can conclude that the human’s white cells have a unique consciousness, that at the point where a bacteria enters the body, or a disease enters the body they unite and they attack the bacteria or the disease.  If they are successful they will destroy the origin of the problem or else the disease will succeed.  A Master Healer is able to request from the cells to change their way or change their position in the body.  As a result, the Master Healer is able to help the body to cure itself.  The Master Healer is able to treat certain disease by emitting energy.  Also, he can convert mass to energy, or vise versa, change energy to mass, depending on which conversion is necessary.  An individual person who has not gained the same ability and hasn’t performed the proper practice is not able to give the same command or order at the cellular level.   

For instance, in the EEG experiments with Dr. Norman Shealy at his institute, the results showed that the subject’s brain responded to my commands.  Whatever the doctors requested of me to enhance or change the brain activities of the subject, the subject’s brain responded to my command to change, to a high percentage.  One request was to enhance the beta waves in my brain.  I asked my brain to enhance its beta waves.  My brain responded by enhancing the beta waves.  The same way energy transmission had an effect on the beta waves, it can have an effect on the other cells.  The same way the brain can have an effect on the cells, it can have an effect on various types of ailments up to a certain percentage.  Right now scientists are conducting research on developing artificial muscles to use in the body for cases such as when heart muscles enlarge.  The idea is for the artificial muscle to help the heart muscle in cases when the heart muscles are weakened.  There are numerous cases that the weakened heart muscles have been strengthened without doing any surgery by using Divine Energy Healing.  There are many other applications for Divine Energy.  Let us assume that in the next 10 years man is able to travel to Mars, provided that sufficient funding is available for the project.  After another 15 years man might be able to travel to Jupiter.  But man will never be able to travel into the space passed the Solar System, unless we gain the ability to take advantage of its God given Divine Energy.  When man is able to convert every single cell in his body into energy, then we have the ability to travel wherever within this universe regardless of the distance.  Once we reached the destination then we have to be able to change our energy back into mass.  A Grandmaster Healer is successful in converting part of its mass into energy.  When an individual from a remote distance has an ailment and contacts a Grandmaster Healer, the healer is transmitting part of his energy that has been given to him from the divine, to the patient and there the energy converts into mass.  Now, if a Grandmaster Healer is able to completely convert his entire mass into energy, then, he can travel beyond the Solar System into other galaxies and through the universe.

Protection Against Negative Energy

On rare occasions some people have strong negative energy.  They can transmit their negative energy and attempt to hurt others.  One can develop a protective shield against the negative energy with prayer.  When people maintain a continuous attention to God, their mind and body is strengthened with positive energy to such a degree that they will naturally overcome the amount of negative energy that anyone can send toward them.  They naturally develop a protective shield against the negative energy so it can no longer affect them.  When people cleanse their virtue, pray, and do good deeds, they start developing better quality and frequency of waves.  These positive waves are naturally being emitted into the environment while passing through the environment and interacting with others.   If someone comes across these positive waves they will experience serenity, become more relaxed and feel good.  This is due to the positive energy that they are emanating to their surroundings. 

When two people with the same wavelength quality meet each other for the first time, and the frequency of their wavelength matches and compliments each other, it is as if they have known each other forever.  When we meet someone for the first time with negative energy where the frequency of our wavelength doesn’t match, it is as though our own negative feelings and senses rise, disliking or even hating that person.  When we don’t feel good being around an individual we get uncomfortable and restless.  We feel like leaving the place and staying away from that environment.  However, developing stronger positive energy helps one to become less sensitive to environmental variations and to others’ energy.  A stronger positive energy equals a stronger protective shield.

Sometimes people may say that they are experiencing sudden heart palpitations, burning sensations in their stomachs, or their heads. This can be an indication of receiving information or receiving someone else's negative energy.  Generally; however, these sensations have a physical reason.  One must make a separation between a true physical ailment and sensing negative energy or receiving information.  Heart palpitations can have a medical or mental reason.  Burning sensations in the stomach can be due to excess stomach acid, or other stomach problems.  Headaches or burning sensations in the head can be due to many different problems.  High blood pressure, low blood pressure, a brain hernia, excess eye pressure, a brain tumor, high blood sugar level, low blood sugar level are various reasons behind certain physical manifestations.  These medical and physical problems generally have nothing to do with receiving information or sensing bad energies.

 Abuse or Misuse of the Divine Energy

Quite often I have witnessed individuals trying to use the Divine Energy for personal gains, resulting in hurting themselves mentally, physically, and financially.  The Divine has created these types of energy to help the needy and the sick.  This is the will of the Divine.  If one chooses to go against the will of the Divine and tries to use the Divine Energy for other reasons, one has gone against the law of this knowledge.  Their permission to receive this energy will be taken away and their own energy will diminish.  Every action must follow certain laws and regulations.  If one decides to disobey the civil laws, he or she is punished and sentenced to prison.  It is like swimming against a river's current: it may be possible, but eventually you will tire out and cannot continue.  There is no equation for the intention to misuse or abuse of the Divine Energy.  But my experience and observation have shown the devastating effect that it has had on the abuser of the Divine Energy.  When one has abused the Divine Energy to gain financial and/or sexual benefits, they have lost their proper state of mind and their purpose in life, along with other mental and physical disorders.  Generally, when an individual has gone through the process of cleansing their virtue and their intention to the point of gaining the ability to use the Divine Energy for healing people, the thought of abusing and misusing the Divine Energy would not come to his mind.  It takes quite a bit of effort and discipline to gain the ability to use the Divine Energy.  This divine knowledge and energy should only be used for the benefit and health of humankind.

As a gift, God has provided many types of energy in the human body.  Furthermore, God has provided and created many types of energies in the universe.  These energies are there for humanitarian reasons.  They are for the welfare, health, and happiness of mankind.  There are many different sources for these energies, and we have already recognized some of them and used them.  For example, we get energy from steam, electricity, atoms, wind, the sun, and ocean tides.  There will be a time when we can harness the energy from thunderstorms, storing it in batteries for later use.  We are currently using the energy from lasers for health benefits and other purposes.  In the future there will be more discoveries about laser beams and their related applications.

 The Influence of Stars and Planets

Science has proved that Venus is surrounded be gaseous clouds.  The gaseous clouds around Venus have energy, which is distributed, throughout the universe and some of it reaches the earth.  Since this energy reaches earth, one can focus on the energy and receive it for further helping the heart disease.  People can focus on the Thuraya Constellation for increasing their mental ability and concentration.

 Spiritual Healing for 21st Century 

The people of the 21st century with all their current challenges and problems utilizing the more advanced and sophisticated technology, no longer have time to tolerate the various pains and problems that certain diseases such as chronic Migraine headache, Asthma, sinusitis, allergies and other ailments impose upon them.  To cure a Migraine headache a physician might try many various types of medication by trial and error to finally find out that none of them is the cure.  An individual who has allergic reaction to many different items within his environment, cannot relocate just because of the allergy.  On the other hand doctors aren’t able to help the patient with his problem except for prescribing various medications, which imposes many side effects.  In our current environment, there are vegetations, trees, and other biological and non-biological elements that could potentially cause allergy.  People are no longer willing to accept all social, medical, and other pressures that are constantly imposed upon them.   

Many of the medications that are utilized by individuals have major side effects, for various organs in the body.  A drug might help one organ at the cost of damaging a few more organs over a long period of time.  On the other hand, spiritual healing could be considered as a good complimentary technique, since it has no side effect.  It causes no other damage to other organs and it is very safe.  It is less expensive and is not painful. 

Spiritual Healing is able to find the cause of the most known and unknown diseases and the healer is able to heal the patient from the cause of the disease.  When a healer works on an individual with Migraine headache, in a few minutes the healer is able to find the cause of the headache and start curing the ailment.  The healer is able to find the cause of the allergy and start the healing process.  The various ailments in the body each have a unique cause.  To find the cause of the disease is an easy process for the healer since he is trained to look for the cause not for the symptom.  There are cases that an individual who had several heart surgeries or other types of surgery still complains about pain in the same organ.  Many patients who have gone to numerous credited and well-known medical centers throughout the world have been referred to me.  Unfortunately, the majority of these medical centers were not able to diagnose the cause of the disease and naturally they were not able to heal the patients properly.  Spiritual healing is very good in original diagnosis and is able to find the cause and origin of the disease.

The current medical equipment have become quite sophisticated over the last few decades in providing more detailed 3-dimensional visual information about the physical signs and marks that a disease can leave in the human body.  However, one of the principal technological problems that the current science is facing in developing these sophisticated and high technology instruments is that they have made no contribution in helping the physician in the process of diagnosis and finding the cause and origin of a disease.  The diagnosis process is totally an intuitive process.  Unfortunately the physicians have started relying too much on the visual images that medical instrumentation are providing for them and they are regressing from a proper diagnosis process into a more trial and error or elimination process.  The medical equipment have made very little and almost no use of some of the technologies such as Kirlian photography or Kirlian video technology, that allows the individuals to see and study the body’s electromagnetic fields around the biological and non-biological objects.  In most of the mainstream scientific research centers, the auric images or body’s electromagnetic fields are not only considered non-sense, also they are being ridiculed. 

 The interesting fact is that majority of healers take advantage of these energy fields and energy patterns surrounding the body to diagnose the ailments and heal the patients.  Some people are naturally able to see the variation of colors and the hue of colors around the individuals and observe the dynamics of mood change on the energy patterns.  Also, individuals can be trained in seeing the energy.  The current research and development budget that is being utilized to develop and produce the medical equipment has a primary focus on better visualizing the physical signs of an ailment.  Unfortunately, by the time a physical sign has appeared, the energy depletion of the organ has exceeded 50% to 60%  A preventive process will no longer be a good solution and an intervening method of utilizing pharmaceutical drugs or surgery will increase the cost of the treatment tremendously and has a higher potential of short term or long-term side effects.  In these cases a healer can see the energy depletion and energy changes in respect to color and hue of the color of a particular organ and re-energize the organ to its proper level of required energy.  This method will prevent the ailment from reoccurring and prolong the health of the organs.  Taking advantage of the human ability to diagnose the energy depletion of an organ and re-energizing the energy of an organ is a very powerful method of prevention.  For instance, if a woman has a potential of getting breast cancer, it can be detected and healed prior to the occurrence of the breast cancer at a very early stage.

 The diagnosis process of finding the cause of an ailments such as allergies, Asthma, and migraine is almost non-existent in current medical science, and in cases that the cause of an allergy is found; there is no cure for the problem. The medication is generally a supportive medicine that helps the person to maintain the problem for a short while.  Herbal medicine and homeopathy will have a brighter future for the humankind due to their safer usage and having fewer side effects.  In terms of diagnosing and curing ailments, Spiritual Energy Healing will have a bright future since it has no side effects and it uses the body’s natural energy fields interacting with cosmos.  The current expensive and sophisticated medical equipment such as Computerized Axial Tomography (C.A.T.) Scan, and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (M.R.I.), are not able to pinpoint the ailments such as Migraine headaches or muscle spasms.  They are also not able to show the cause and source of the ailments.  However, in spiritual healing, a healer is able to immediately diagnose the source of the ailments and focus the Divine Energy to the particular organ or area within the body that has caused the disease.  We have mentioned previously that any action, reaction, thought, behavior of an individual is recorded in the Divine Computer.  So, for a spiritual healer, the source of the divine knowledge immediately opens up to him and shows him the source of the pain and ailment in the patient.  Any part of the body, which has some kind of pain, damage, or operation, emits a particular aura and energy.  It does not matter whether the problem currently exist or not.  It could be that the accident or damage to a particular organ or part of the body occurred a few days, years, or decades ago.  The aura of the organ indicates that at a particular time in the individual’s life something occurred that caused the problem.  For instance, somebody has Migraine headaches.  There is currently no equipment in the world that can find the source of this headache in the body.  A Grandmaster Healer can find and diagnose the cause of the migraine headache in the individual.  The way this is accomplished is when a Grandmaster Healer concentrates on an organ or a part of the body; he receives a biofeedback, a ray, or energy from the organ.  If this emitted energy or ray from the organ is not well balanced and is not in harmony, then the healer immediately notices that there is; or used to be, an ailment or disease in that particular area in the body.  Sometimes individuals are good receivers of the information about the ailments and they sense in the patient’s body the location of the pain or problem.  Sometimes when I am working on a person, who has an ailment, my students can sense the location of the ailment in the patient’s body.  They can see where the energy is going in the patient’s body or which organ is emitting some energy out of the body.  The observer senses the projection of the energy from a particular organ.  There has been many times that when I work remotely over the phone with patients, the students who are present can sense the direction that the energy is going.  For instance, they tell me that the energy is moving north, southwest, or some other direction.  Also in cases that they call me to work on a patient that they are helping out, the student can see the color and the shape of the energy that I am emitting to the patient.  Occasionally, they can also smell the energy if I send the energy with some kind of scent.

The purpose of discussing some of these issues is for the scientific and medical facilities to become aware of the tremendous potential and impact that energy therapy has for human beings.  Human body energy as a mean of diagnosis and treatment is not currently on the agenda of medical technology to develop medical equipment for.  This science is a very able and useful science for the benefit of the humankind.  The cooperation of scientific and medical facilities with spiritual healers will allow the development of medical equipment that will further improve the observation and diagnosis of various ailments in the body, both at the physical and energy levels.  There are some technology such as Kirlian photography and video cameras that can show some of the energy patterns around the human body.  Further development of these equipment and using them at the medical facilities will further allow the physicians to study the patients’ energy patterns to diagnose the ailments.  Quite often when physicians treat their patients, they are only treating the symptom and not the cause.  The cause of an ailment could be due to problems that another organ has, which can be seen at the energy layer.  Even though the ill organ’s mass or physical layer looks perfectly normal.  Every organ is constructed from two parts, the mass and the energy.  However, the current medical equipment focuses on changes of the mass of an organ and not the energy part of the organ.  The ailment of an organ starts at the energy layer not the mass layer.  After dissipation of the energy from the organ, then the signs start showing and appearing on the mass of the organ. 

Not all doctors need to be clairvoyant to observe the organs’ energy patterns.  The regular healer doesn’t need to be a clairvoyant either, since being a clairvoyant is not a common phenomenon and is the criteria for Masters and Grandmaster Healers.  In the future, more use of energy medical equipment could help in healing process of the patients.  Developing such equipment is a good application for the mutual cooperation of scientific research and medical facilities with spiritual healers to further advance the medical equipment in the proper direction.


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