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The Holistic View of Medicine


Organs and Their Relations to Each Other

Diagnosis in Spiritual Healing

Stress and the Most Common Denominator About Illness

Pharmaceutical and Other Remedies

Influence of Emotions on Organs

Nutritional Diet and its Relation to Organs

Nutritional Diet and its Relation to Brain

Nutritional Diet and its Relation to Psyche

Healthy Diet and Poor Diet

Prevention and Treatment


Organs and Their Relations to Each Other

The organs of the body have been created with the ability to heal one another.  When an organ fails to function properly, a secondary organ in the body becomes overactive to make up for the weak organ’s performance.  In order to know which organ to emit energy to, one needs to know each organ’s functions and purposes.  When a healer has gained the knowledge of how many various types of diseases can be healed by giving energy to the pancreas, for example, then he or she knows the rest of the process as well.  This knowledge of knowing is a very important subject.  For example, the pancreas has the ability to cure Cardiomegaly (congestive heart failure).  A Grandmaster Healer knows how to heal this disease.  He has the ability and permission to order the pancreas to strengthen and repair the heart muscle to return to its normal size.  Up to a certain extent the pancreas can restore a congested heart muscle to its normal size.  The pancreas also has the ability to open a blockage in the artery due to cholesterol deposits (Arteriosclerosis), in a way similar to modern medicine’s Angioplasty procedure.  Using the pancreas is a much more viable and less intrusive method than the Angioplasty procedure.  Furthermore, an Angioplasty may be too severe for some patients.

Diagnosis in Spiritual Healing

Every organ in the body has an orbit and for as long as it circulates in its proper orbit, the organ will function properly.  This concept of orbital circulation is not any different than moons, planets and stars rotating in their own orbits.  Many factors like environmental conditions such as exposure to various chemicals around household, work environment, different vegetation and plants, or other chemicals like those in cosmetics could potentially effect the orbital circulation of the organs under proper set of circumstances.  Unpredictable incidents in life like being in an accident, witnessing an accident, at young age watching adults arguing or fighting, could potentially affect the health condition of individuals sometimes.  Other factors that could effect the proper rotation of the orbit of the organs are various emotions such as anger, fear, stress, anxiety, hate, revenge, and many other negative emotions that could be triggered due to sudden news, or it is just the behavioral pattern that an individual might adopt.  Improper dietary nutrition like too much spice, too much pepper, and other types of bad diets could also trigger the organ to lose its proper orbital circulation.  Also, the side effects of various off-the-shelf medical drugs as well as prescribed drugs could potentially harm the proper orbital circulation of the organ.  Once the organ loses circulating in its proper orbit, the energy starts dissipating from the organ.  In this case the person may not even feel any effect of this energy dissipation and may not feel any pain.  Sometimes the person might feel some sporadic pain in the area.  If he goes to a doctor, the doctor is not able to find any symptom in the particular area that the patient is complaining about, because the sensations are at the energetic level and not at the physical level.  Eventually the energy dissipation of the organ increases over time and it dissipates more than 50% to 60%.  Slowly some physical signs start occurring and sometimes the doctor is able to observe the symptom on the organ.  However, that physical change in the organ could potentially be only a symptom of a problem and not the cause of the problem, since the cause is from elsewhere.  An able spiritual healer can tap into the Divine Computer and finds out the origin of the incident that caused the problem accurately.  The level of accuracy is based on how close and how good of a receiver of that information from the Divine Computer the healer has become.  This process of fact finding and receiving the origin and the cause of an individual’s ailment is not through a series of question and answer.  It is simply by tapping into the Divine Computer and simply asking one question form the patient about the event and the occurrence of it.  Most often the patient may not remember an incident or their life history well enough to respond with the proper answer.  In general, majority of the diseases that rise from the body also have their cures within the body.  A few examples of this are majority of chronic diseases such as Migraine headache, Asthma, and terminal disease such as cancer.  For these types of diseases and other ones similar to them the cure is also within the body and an able healer can find the cause with proper diagnosis and cure the cause.  This process will eliminate the re-occurrence of the disease unless the patient still gets exposed to the same situation, which initially caused the problem.

Stress and the Most Common Denominator About Illness

The reasons for most stress-related ailments are due to the changes in the Adrenal Gland.  When an individual feels anger, fear, hopelessness, or depression, this gland starts discharging a particular chemical that causes stress in human beings.  The Adrenal Gland discharge reaches various organs of the body through blood flow and it causes many symptoms in the body.  One of these symptoms in the body is affecting pancreas, because the Adrenal Gland discharges that reaches pancreas might sometimes stay there and don’t get discharged by the pancreas.  This will cause the pancreas to lose some of its regular and normal functions.  The damage in the body is based on whether it affects the beta, or alpha cells in the pancreas.  If the Adrenal Gland discharge affects beta cells of the pancreas, it causes the beta cells to slow down, which reduces the discharge of insulin in the body.  As a result, the person becomes diabetic.  The Adrenal Gland malfunction also causes other symptoms in the body.  Many times it has happened that a particular individual who had a sudden fear, or high level of anxiety about a particular issue, has eventually become diabetic.  Stress has different levels and some stress levels are stronger than other ones. 

Some of the patients who have become Schizophrenic, have had a sudden shock, which has left a Schizophrenic effect in the body as a symptom.  In such cases the Adrenal Gland discharge reaches the brain and it starts causing problems in the brain.  In order to reduce the level of stress or depression, it is enough to reduce the chemical discharge in the Adrenal Gland.  Quite often I work on Adrenal Gland of the patients who have a high level of stress or depression.  After giving energy to the Adrenal Gland the individual claims that they no longer feel stressed or depressed.  The symptoms caused by the chemicals discharge from the Adrenal Gland is based on which particular organ in the body gets affected, that could leave its traces in a variation of different diseases related to various organs.  There have been some cases that stress was also the cause of other diseases such as cancer, but usually it is a much less percentage.  Sometimes the Adrenal Gland chemical discharge could affect one of the factors that cause cancer in the body, disabling a particular organ and its proper function in the body.  This will cause a certain percentage of cancers in the body.  One thing that currently is not known in the medical science is that Adrenal Gland function has many supportive functions in the body and for various organs.  It has an effect on the brain and its discharges can affect certain brain-related diseases, which can be cured by adjusting the Adrenal Gland discharge.  For instance, when somebody is afraid of dogs, this sudden fear causes the Adrenal Gland to produce a chemical, which the dog smells and starts reacting toward that smell by barking or wanting to attack the person.  DHEA (Debydroepiandrosterone), has many good effects in the body.  Its lack or low level in the body is the cause of at least 20 different diseases.

Pharmaceutical and Other Remedies

In the next 50 years, the usage of current pharmaceutical drugs will slowly reduce due to increased side effects on various organs of the body.  Of course these pharmaceutical drugs initially have a strong effect on a particular ailment but in the long term they cause negative effects.  The side effects of some of these medications on individuals are unknown by the physicians, most of the times.  On the other hand, the current herbal drugs and homeopathic drugs have an initial slow effect and in some instances minor effect on a particular ailment without a long term strong side effect.  However, to increase the strength and effectiveness of the herbal and homeopathic drugs a Master Healer can energize them, which will increase their potency on a particular ailment without creating long term side effects.  A Grandmaster Healer will be able to multiply the effectiveness of some of these herbal and homeopathic medications. 

The cooperation of a Grandmaster Healer with health institutes such as pharmaceutical companies, herbal, and homeopathic companies will provide a better product for the benefit of human beings.  Several experiments on water and sugar cubes have proven that Divine Energy has a positive effect on these materials.  Individuals could sense some of these effects. For example, the taste of energized water is different than the taste of non-energized water and it also has a healing effect on the ailment of an individual who is drinking the energized water.  In many cases when patients come to me and have some kind of material with them I energize the material.  I tell them whenever they feel pain in a particular area of the body, they can place the material on top of the point where they sense pain, and the Divine Energy that has been emitted to the material will help them to alleviate some of the pain.  Patients have told me in many cases that when they felt pain and placed the material over their pain point, it either alleviated the pain completely or partially.  This Divine Energy has effect on any material including various types of drugs.  On pharmaceutical drugs, the emission of Divine Energy to the bottle is able to increase its effect for a particular ailment many folds.  This change of effectiveness is better for the patient since they feel the positive result from the medication quicker.  This increase of effectiveness of the Divine Energy to a drug is more noticeable in herbal medicine than in pharmaceutical medicine.  Of course other material such as brick used in walls can also be energized, but currently we have no use for this type of energizing.  A wall will maintain the energy for a while.  We can develop a box or a chamber and energize the chamber with Divine Energy.  The chamber will maintain the energy for a while and some of the people who step into the chamber can feel the energy.  By energizing a piece of cloth with Divine Energy, people with insomnia can put the cloth on their head, at night.  The energized piece of cloth will help them sleep better.  If someone is able to cure a migraine headache in 5 or 6 months with current medical science, the same headache will be healed in 1 to 7 weekly sessions with Divine Energy healing.  In this case, if the patient sometimes gets a headache, that headache is no longer the initial severe Migraine headache that the patient used to have. The aid material can be energized remotely as well as locally. The remotely energized material will have the same effect as the ones which have been energized by directly touching. The reasons for Migraines are dysfunctions in liver; stomach; intestine; pancreas; center of breathing in the brain (lack of enough Oxygen); increased eye pressure; brain hernia; and brain tumor. 

In general, house pets have stronger sense of smell than humans.  Their sensitivity to energy is also more than humans.  I recall a case that once I energized some raisins and gave it to a patient.  The next day the patient called me and said that she caught the dog eating the raisins that I gave her.  She was surprised about this because her dog was well trained and he would never go on the top of the table to look for food.  Also, the dog had never tried to eat any fruits or dry fruits or other types of food except for his regular dog food in the past.  The next time she came by I gave her some more energized raisin and asked her to hide the box of raisin in a closet away from the dog’s reach.  The next time she came by to see me, she was even more surprised, since the dog went through the closet and still found the location of the raisins by sniffing around and looking for the raisins.  So, not only humans can sense this Divine Energy that is for their benefit, animals also can sense it as well and they too can benefit from it.

Influence of Emotions on Organs

When humans are afraid of something or suddenly get afraid, the Adrenal Gland discharges a particular chemical that could cause several diseases in the body.  There are cases that when a dog barks at a person, he becomes afraid of the dog.  Sometimes this fear becomes permanent in some people.  Whenever they see a dog, they become afraid, which causes the Adrenal Gland to discharge the same type of chemical. The dog smells discharge of the chemical by the Adrenal Gland and the dog immediately reacts to this smell by barking at the person who is afraid of him.  If we don’t have any fear of the dog, or learn how to overcome such types of fear, we won't receive the same reaction from the dog.  The lack of fear from a dog in us has caused the Adrenal Gland not to discharge the same chemical, which no longer triggers a dog’s immediate hostile reaction.  This chemical from Adrenal Gland enters the blood vessels in the body and it reaches the various organs.  The amount of the chemical is sufficient over time to poison one or many of the internal organs in the body and eventually, cause the organ to get thrown out of its proper energetic orbit.  The change in the energetic orbit of the organ will eventually cause the organ to fail and the person starts having an ailment or disease.  The example about the fear from dogs is just to point out that some people or animals could immediately sense the chemical changes in human body.  People who become fearful of many events in their lifetimes are setting themselves up for all different types of ailments and diseases.

This is also true about people who always lie.  They are constantly uptight about their lies, which causes the same chemical discharge from the Adrenal Gland.  In this case the Adrenal Gland has an effect on their brains, which gives them a sense of feeling guilt.  Other negative sensations such as anxiety, being worried, anger, jealousy, stress, hate, greed, and depression cause discharge of certain chemicals by the Adrenal Gland which effects various organs.  For instance, the chemical discharge from Adrenal Gland due to anger affects the nervous system.  This chemical change causes the angry persons to lose control of their nervous systems, which creates many regretful situations for these individuals.  Many of my patients were diabetics due to sudden stress and anxiety.  Their condition was not genetic.  In such cases, the chemical discharge from the Adrenal Gland reaches the pancreas through blood and causes sufficient poisoning of the organ.  The pancreas no longer produces enough insulin for the body to regulate the metabolism of glucose and other nutrients.  In Divine Energy healing, by emitting energy directly to pancreas and neutralizing the effect of the chemical discharge of the Adrenal Gland, the pancreas starts its proper function again and it produces sufficient amount of insulin for the body.

Some people’s depression is due to factors that cause the Adrenal Gland to get stimulated and discharge a chemical, which affects the nervous system.  The person has either heard some bad news from somebody or has received some bad news from the Divine Computer.  All the bad or good news are being propagated like waves through the universe.  The person who receives bad news from the Divine Computer may not consciously be aware of it, which causes depression in him, due to the chemical discharge from the Adrenal Gland.  The Adrenal Gland simply reacts to these different negative sensations.

Hate and hateful thoughts affect the Adrenal Gland as well, which produces certain discharge that causes certain disease in the body.  These types of diseases are generally unknown to current medical science, since the medical science is not currently focusing on health as a holistic process and not trying to cure the body, psyche, and soul as one entity.  Jealousy and hate affects the nervous system, heart vessels, or other blood vessels that cause a number of ailments.  This is why various religions and spiritual practices have considered the effects of negative emotions on human mind and health.  At the same time different religions promote positive feelings and sensations such as patience, forgiveness, love, compassion, joy, and hope.  This will help the individuals to be safe from getting many diseases with unknown causes.

Islam teaches that a person who becomes hopeless is committing a crime; and a liar is the enemy of God.  The purpose of making these statements and pursuing human kind to forego negative attitudes is to eliminate the health problems they cause.  Islam’s saying that a liar is the enemy of God, is not because the lying person is capable of fighting God or try to challenge his power.  Moreover, the purpose of this statement is to persuade people to walk in the right path and prevent them from creating a disease state for themselves.  When a person sins by lying, this is due to having bad or negative thoughts.  The person starts lying more often until it becomes a habit.  This lying will eventually affect the individual's Adrenal Gland and its discharge, which has a negative effect on body’s various organs.  So, guiding statements made in different religions are to persuade individuals to maintain a mental and physical balance, free of disease.

When someone is continuously angry, this has a diverse effect on the chemical discharge of the Adrenal Gland.  These discharges from the Adrenal Gland have an effect on certain organs, which are responsible for producing the blood makeup.  This effect will cause cancer 5% of the time.  In this case the defected organs indirectly influence cancer.  On the other hand, people who remain calm and relaxed and they usually don’t take events too seriously, mostly stay healthy.  Or the religious persons generally stay healthier and live longer because they follow the emotional guidelines written in religious books.

When we say humans should be hopeful in their lives, at least this feeling of hopefulness will not negatively affect the Adrenal Gland.  When the Adrenal Gland maintains a good state, it does not in return cause a negative effect on the organs within the body.  This feeling of being hopeful will actually help the person to increase his or her state of health.  Faithful people are usually hopeful people.  Staying hopeful will save them from negative emotions such as anger, anxiety, and worry.  In fact, having positive emotions will allow people to help their brains and bodies. 

The chemical discharge from the Adrenal Gland even has damaging effect to the brain. 

One of the best means of helping the various sections in the brain is through the hormones that the Adrenal Gland produces.  When this gland functions well and produces the proper hormones, the body is safe from certain diseases that cause pain, because the hormones produced by the Adrenal Gland have anti-pain properties.  Theses hormones reduce stress, relax the tendons, prevent shoulder pain, back pain, including different muscular pains.  More importantly, these hormones produce many other positive effects on the body.  All these positive effects can occur in a person who remains or tries to be hopeful.  One might ask, “What is the relationship between being hopeful and the Divine?”  We should say that hope, where the source is from the Divine will increase the functions of the Adrenal Gland.  The proper functioning of the Adrenal Gland will free humans from many diseases.  When a person refrains from drinking alcohol, he helps his own health.  He has helped his kidneys, liver, and heart.  Hope has the same positive effect on the body, and so creates certain changes in the brain.  Prayer is the key to attaining this hope and maintaining a connection with the Divine.  See the Prayer & Faith page.

Nutritional Diet and its Relation to Organs

About 40% of human diseases are due to the digestive system’s improper functioning.  This is usually due to overeating.  Normally, overeating causes excess pressure on the stomach, the small and large intestines, the liver, and the pancreas.  Overeating will cause the digestive system to increase its work and daily activities to digest the excess food that has entered the body.  The excess calories that have been entered in the body get converted to glucose by the digestive system.  The body converts excess glucose to fat.  The excess fat will eventually deposit in the heart and brain arteries, which will cause heart attack or brain stroke.  The fat also could deposit in other blood vessels through out the body and cause various types of pain.  The Adrenal Gland gets affected if we don’t watch our nutritional dietary habits.  The Divine has assigned certain tasks for each of the organs of the body.  When Adrenal Gland is over active, it cannot perform its duties properly.  For instance, if somebody doesn’t try to help the proper functioning of the Adrenal Gland by not maintaining a good diet, this might cause Crohn’s disease in the intestine.  In Crohn’s disease, segments of alimentary tract become inflamed, thickened, and ulcerated.  It often causes partial obstruction of the intestine, leading to pain, and diarrhea.  The patient with Crohn’s disease might have to go to rest room 10 to 12 times in a 24-hour period due to diarrhea.  The current medical science may not have paid significant attention that overactive Adrenal Gland can cause Crohn’s disease.  Any excess pressure on the Adrenal Gland will prevent this organ from producing the proper enzymes, which is the cause of the many diseases for digestive system and many other organs in the body.

Nutritional Diet and its Relation to Brain

 Body needs sufficient amount of calories per day for different age groups.  The nutritional intake of the person regardless of their age shouldn’t exceed or decrease from the body-required amount of calories.  This will allow for the various organs and brain to function properly and work at their maximum efficiency.  If we over eat and consume more calories than required, the brain will not be able to function properly.  Brain will not function properly due to over load of the Vagus nerve.  Vagus nerve is the tenth cranial nerve, which supplies motor nerve fibers to the muscles of swallowing and parasympathetic fibers to the heart and organs of the chest cavity and abdomen.  When stomach is constantly full and active, the Vagus nerve becomes over active, which sometimes loses its balance and goes out of its proper functional orbit.  Also, intestine and Adrenal Gland go out of their proper assigned orbit which are set for their proper functions in the creation.  In addition, if we consume the types of nutrition, which is damaging to our liver, our liver will eventually gets damaged.  Since brain is the direct and ultimate commander of various organs in the body and it tries to regulate the organs and return them to their proper orbit, it becomes overloaded and starts increasing its activity.  Once the brain increases its activity there is a higher chance of brain damage to the particular sections that is most important in directing and controlling various functions in the body.  For instance, if a woman has a protein based diet and she eats more dairy products than is required for her body, then there is a possibility that this diet influence the Pituitary Gland, which could cause secretion of more Prolactin that is required for the body.  This will not allow the woman to get pregnant for as long as the amount of Prolactin is above normal.  Excess Prolactin in the body also increases the probability of development of a tumor in the Hypothalamus.

Nutritional Diet and its Relation to Psyche 

Individuals who have a good virtue are safe from catching certain diseases.  People with good virtue overeat less.  There is a less chance for them to consume harmful beverages, drugs, or other harmful foods.  People with good virtue will not often commit crime or become revengeful.  Any of these actions (eating harmful foods, taking drugs, etc.), have certain consequences that a non-virtuous person must be willing to accept.  When individuals stay away from harming their body or their brain, they are naturally safe from certain ailments and the consequences of those actions.  When a person commits one or more of actions mentioned above, then the brain must work harder to neutralize the effect of the actions performed by the person.  Mind has a direct effect on the brain functions.  A successful person is an individual who is able to increase his will power and discipline and be able to control his brain and nervous system.  The nervous system is controlled by the person's will power.  Many of the brain-related ailments are due to lack of balance and control on digestive system.

  Healthy Diet and Poor Diet

A good healer must maintain a good and natural nutritional diet.  Excess consumption of meat is not healthy for the body, except for people under the age of 15 or 16 whose bodies require more protein.  Generally, one must moderate the amount of red meet from the age of 15 or16.  One should not eat red meat more than once or twice per week and the red meat should only be 20 percent of the total food intake for that meal.  In my opinion, 80% of the food ingredients should consist of vegetables, fruits, and grains, and only 20 percent should be meat, poultry, fish, and dairy products for a normal adult who has passed the age of growth.  There is no absolute rule which always applies hundred percent of the times.  People should not be only vegetarian, raw eaters, or only meat eaters.  Each of these extreme conditions creates problems for the body.  All things that have been created in the universe have a purpose and reason.  The fish in the ocean has good nutritional value, which can’t be substituted by any other type of food.  Many countries that are not advanced in agriculture or do not have enough land, but they are located by oceans, have access to an unlimited source of protein.  One must maintain a moderate diet between eating various types of food groups.  There are many food products that cannot be eaten raw and they must be cooked, get dried, or get processed properly prior to eating, such as olive. 

Herbs have many medicinal values, but they are usually boiled together and concentrated prior to their use.  The herbal drugs are generally dried to maintain their health benefit for a longer period of time.  If one doesn’t take advantage of herbal drugs, then the person is not taking advantage of a broad spectrum of plants, which have medicinal value and they have been created for helping our health.  Fish that lives in the ocean is highly nutritious, since the water contains just about every useful mineral that one can find in the nature.  Fish lives in water and eats in water, so it carries all these nutrients to certain amount, which is useful for the body and health.  When a person maintains a particular strict diet, such as becoming a vegetarian, raw eater, or meat eater, he cannot benefit from all the nutrients, which have been created on earth for the benefit of humankind.  Certain food cannot be eaten raw, because they cause upset stomach, therefore they must be prepared first.  Potato has potassium; turnip has rubidium; beets have iron and Vitamin B; but it should be baked first. 

 If human nature were to only stay vegetarian or raw eater, then when a new baby is born there would be no need for the baby to have dependency on mother’s milk or other types of milk in the first few years of his lifetime.  Or, a baby could have eaten some raw wheat or grain after birth, which cannot be the case.  In the first few years of a baby’s life, food must be cooked for the baby or it will cause upset stomach or other problems.  Nature has mandated certain requirement for humans and their type of nutrition from birth until later stages of life, which should be followed properly for their health benefits.  Yogurt has protein, lactose, lactic acid, and calcium, which are good for the digestive system, and other organs in the body.  If a person is a vegetarian and doesn’t eat dairy products, this will then cause certain deficiency in his body due to lack of the nutritional values that dairy products provide for the body.  Generally, if body functions normally and a person stay away from consuming harmful food and beverages, his body is able to function and maintain itself very well. 

There are times that an individual’s body doesn’t function properly and it requires consuming some alcoholic beverages for assisting the digestive system.  In these cases consuming alcoholic beverages is acceptable for as long as the person doesn’t over drink and moderates the consumption of the alcoholic beverage.  The problem with drugs and alcoholic beverages occur when someone loses moderation and exceeds the usage of these products.  Once an individual has a glass of alcoholic beverage or takes some drugs, then he might desire more.  He will soon lose his mental and physical control and balance over the alcohol or drugs and their consumption becomes uncontrollable for him.  In addition to losing control over alcohol or drugs, the individual will start damaging his various organs in his body.  When a doctor feels that a patient requires consuming certain amount of a drug or alcoholic beverage and he prescribe it for the patient, then the patient should follow the prescription accordingly.  Drinking alcoholic beverages or using drugs has no effect in the Divine and creation.  Their misuse simply damages the individuals’ health, and lives. 

Why so many French people have various liver diseases?  Because, they consume too much wine throughout their lives.  If certain religions have forbidden the consumption of drugs and alcoholic beverages, this is due to the negative effects of drugs and alcohol on health.  When an individual decides to misuse these substances and consume them all day long, it makes no difference to the universe and Divine.  The moon will still rotate around the earth; the planets within the Solar System will still rotate around the Sun; and the rest of the universe maintain its proper functional process; except for the individual who is damaging his body and life.  Once the person damages his body and life, it will have a rippling effect throughout the individual’s family life, social life, work environment, and so on and so forth.  The usage of any type of chemical substance regardless of food, drink, or other material that is useful for the body and doesn’t cause side effects or long-term damage to the body is good.  For instance, strychnine is a poisonous chemical substance.  Its proper dosage is prescribed by physicians to cure certain diseases.  Opium is good as a painkiller, provided that proper dosage is utilized.  If one loses control over this substance, it becomes highly addictive.  When an individual has no choice and the usage of a substance helps him to heal a disease, then there is nothing wrong with the use of substance and the person has not sinned and he is not guilty of wrong doing.  Generally, body produces sufficient amount of alcohol for its usage.  When a body doesn’t produce the required amount, then the individual must consume certain amount of alcohol based on a physician’s recommendation and prescription.

Soul, brain, faith, hope, and belief are all somehow inter-related.  When an individual has hope, it means that he has a strong belief in something.  He believes in God, or the prophets Moses, Jesus, or Mohammad, or somebody, or something else.  It makes no difference what supreme entity one believes in, since all these various believes go back to the origin, which is the Divine and God.  So, if an individual has a belief in any religion, this means he believes in God.  Even if he believes in a tree, this also means that he believes in the Divine, because the Divine has created that tree and even that tree is connected with the universe and God.  If a person has faith in God, it influences his mind.  This influence allows the soul to live more virtuous, simpler, and more comfortable.  As a result, this system of belief has an influence on the brain, since it doesn’t exert excess pressure on the brain.  When faith or belief in God doesn’t exist, the individual becomes more stressful.  Stress influences the Adrenal Gland; excess pressure on the Adrenal Gland influences the other organs; and finally this stressful influence will eventually effects the brain.  Naturally, brain could potentially affect the digestive system.  This rippling effect continuously goes around, because one shall not consider any organ of the body as an individual entity that will not have an effect on other organs in the body. 

When an individual overeats, the excess food causes headache and nausea, because the intestine exerts pressure on sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system.  The excess pressure on these nervous systems creates overload on the brain.  The brain commands the stomach to discharge the food in any way possible.  So, all the organs are somehow connected to each other.  Consider that every atom and molecule in the entire universe is continuously in contact with each other at a macrocosmic level.  Then one can conclude that human body, which is constructed from 13 to the power of 12 (1312) cells are all connected to each other at any point in time.  This connection is at the physical and mental level.  One cannot separate the mind from the body, since every cell in the body is constructed from two parts: the body part of the cell and the mind part of it, and these two parts are interconnected.  When a cell in the body is harmed the other cells in the body also feel it.  The brain is also constructed from cells, which in turn will feel the harm to any cells in the body.  To look at this view from a broader spectrum, when an event occurs in the universe which affects an atom or a molecule, the entire universe and every atom and molecule within the universe sense the same event.  The event could be bad or a good.  That is irrelevant.  The type of event does not matter since every atom and molecule within the universe will sense the same phenomena as it occurred for the initial atom or molecule.  It does not matter where that event has occurred.  Whether it has happened on earth, within the solar system, within the Milky Way or even the body; the event immediately broadcast itself to the entire universe.  The universe has its own intelligence and consciousness. 

As a result, the entire universe will sense and becomes aware of the initial event and reacts accordingly.  The bad event will result in a bad reaction, and a good event will result in a good reaction throughout the universe, respectively.  Of course we don’t sense the occurrence of the event within the universe unless we have a particular connection with that event, like the connection between a mother and her child.  For example, a mother who all of a sudden wakes up in the middle of the night in cold sweat, or when she senses an uncomfortable feeling throughout the day when her child at a distance has had an accident.  Or when a mother feels happy throughout a day or has a comfortable sleep, because her child is celebrating a happy event at a distant location.  Generally, this is how the universe will respond to the occurrence of an event.  When the event occurs and every single molecule within the universe immediately sense it, the consciousness of the universe or the Divine Computer signals and broadcast the message to the proper individuals who are related and connected with the occurrence of that particular event.   

That is why sometimes all of a sudden a person feels anxiety, sadness, or on the other hand, feels some degree of happiness or excitement.  He is receiving the information in such a way that he is not aware of the source of these different sensations.  How often do we hear from a particular individual who says that: “I don’t know why, today I just feel upset, or depressed,” or “I feel like crying.” And sometimes one might say “I don’t know why I feel so happy and excited today.”  These signals could reach the receiver while he or she is asleep or awake.  The situation that the receiver is in makes no difference.  Except that sometimes, when the receiver has a very low level of receiving the information or the universal broadcast message, then other individuals around the receiver pick up the message.  In this case the receiver might get a message or a call from a relative or a close friend indicating to the receiver that something has occurred.  The third person has become a medium or messenger of the information.  In general, the immediate family, such as mother, father, brother, sister, or spouse are the initial receivers of the occurrence of an event, or they are the primary beneficiaries.  Sometimes if they are not responsive to receiving of the information or they are not strong receivers, then another receiver or secondary beneficiary is selected by the Divine Computer to become the messenger. 

 Prevention and Treatment

Many of the diseases are considered hidden.  For example, a person won’t get breast cancer in a day or a short period of time.  Many factors and events must occur in the body that will eventually lead to a breast cancer.  The Pituitary Gland must increase the secretion of the prolactin; the amount of prolactin must rise in the body; the quality of the red blood cells must start changing in a particular way; and so on.  Therefore, the body will send many signals over a period of time about the process of a cancer starting in the body at a particular location.  A qualified Grandmaster Healer is aware of these factors.  He (or she) can sense and detect that the process of breast cancer has been initiated in the body.  The Grandmaster Healer can reverse this process and prevent the occurrence of the cancer prior to the final stage that is detectable by current medical procedures and equipment.  He can neutralize the factors in the body that will eventually lead to a breast cancer.  In other ailments the same process is true.  A kidney failure (except in some rare cases) does not occur over night.  The factors and reasons that will eventually lead to a kidney failure start occurring in the body on the organs that will eventually lead into a kidney failure.  The science of Energy Healing will allow a person to measure the current activity of the kidney, and decide whether the kidney’s functions are regular and normal, or irregular and abnormal.  This early detection and prevention will allow many people not to get a number of chronic or terminal diseases.  Of course infectious diseases are an exception to this process of preventing the occurrence of diseases.  A Master Healer cannot predict the occurrence of diseases such as a common cold, hepatitis, Herpes, or AIDS, in advance.  On the other hand, a Master Healer can predict and detect the occurrence of many diseases such as, irregular functioning of heart, lungs, kidneys, liver, stomach, intestine, brain, eyes, ears, and many other organs.


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