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Other Healers

We have had some able healers in the Western and Eastern Hemispheres.  They have worked hard for many years to prepare themselves for being able to diagnose and heal people, without expecting a materialistic reward.  Each of these individuals has made a significant contribution in introducing and promoting the power of healing to the western people.  I have high regard and respect for their efforts and contributions to promoting and helping individuals and scientific communities to further understand the power of healing.  There are also healers from the East.  Of course each healer adopts a unique way and method of healing people.  The healers from the Philippines have their way, same as Native American healers, Chinese, Brazilian, Indian and other healers throughout the world.  Each of these methods has their own unique characteristics and they each work in certain cases.  Each of these individuals from different regions of the world has helped evolving the path of the healing process. 

The current modern method of healing process has evolved itself throughout the history.  One should observe the science of healing as an evolutionary path.  The unique process that each individual healer adopted and utilized helped us to be able to capture some of the criteria required to make a distinction between a Practitioner, a Healer, a Master Healer, and a Grandmaster Healer.  The contribution of these individuals allowed for the modern world to become more receptive to the most ancient art of healing. 

Throughout the world each of these individuals performed a unique and pioneering work and demonstrated the infinitesimal ability of the human for healing others through various methodologies.  It doesn’t matter whether they met many or none of the basic criteria that we have defined for the healing ability of a healer.  They still made significant contributions, and above all they helped and healed certain people from their ailments.  Like any other movement through our current understanding of medical and other sciences, the contribution of each individual in the proper or improper way, still had an evolutionary contribution. 

Briefly if we consider this evolutionary process, we will notice that majority of healers paid less attention to the actual cause of the disease and they tried to heal the person from the symptom.  However, a cause is important since it could still exist in the individual’s environment, household, relation and other factors, which could potentially surface itself in other ways on different organs again.  Finding the actual cause of an ailment and treating it accordingly is one of the most important evolutionary processes that a Grandmaster Healer has taken. 

The healer has to be in a state of trance and go through a process of preparing himself for a healing session.  These states could be observed as a unique state and the individual could not perform the same healing process in a regular and normal state without going through trance.  This is also not a criterion for a Grandmaster Healer to diagnose and heal.  The idea is to be able to heal at any time of the day and night, at any place, regardless of whether the person with the ailment is near and close to the Grandmaster Healer, or they are many thousands of miles away.  The process of de-materializing of a tumor or cyst required for the healer to penetrate the skin and perform certain operational procedure, regardless of whether they utilized some kind of instrument or they just used their hand for operation.  The current methodology of de-materializing is conversion of mass into energy, which doesn’t require a surgical procedure and it doesn’t include bleeding. 

The current progress in the science of healing and the properly gathered documents that clearly prove healing of many unique chronic, terminal, and unknown disease cases provide a better confidence factor for the patient that Divine Energy healing is a working system.  One can use it in conjunction with other medical processes and techniques, knowing that it bares no side effect, since it uses no drugs.  The few thousand years old history of healing and its effective use for many ailments marks a new era of progress.  Its complementary integration with the current modern 200 years old medical science allows for the human to look forward into the starting point of the new millennium.  It will complement the current science; it allows the current medical science to become mature in the right direction looking into the human body for methods of healing.  Rather than continuously regarding the human body as non-sacred and not useful and attempt to replace each organ either with animal organs or other types of materials. 

The human body has proper cosmic signature and vibration, which is synchronized with the universe and the divine.  Man with all of his scientific understandings cannot develop any non-biological or biological organ that could potentially have the same cosmic signature.  The reason is that the current human is not looking in the proper direction for solution and we are fundamentally missing a basic non-molecular signature in quest for healing the body.  That is the basic breadth of divine that has been blown upon us from the beginning of eternity to its end.  It is important to set up the proper road map and guidelines for the future generations and us today about the ancient science of healing.  This process will allow us to further understand the scientific art of healing, as well as for the future generations to recognize that this most ancient art still has many unexplored areas that should be heavily considered and evaluated for further progress of the humankind along the right path.

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